Updated February 2023


To all our clients, fellow project participants, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our East Melbourne studio is open with most staff attending the studio workplace each day. However, some staff are running a "hybrid" office/remote environment for the medium term. We do not expect any interruption to service levels using this approach.

We request that visitors to the office check our current protocols in advance of attending, however no restrictions are currently in place.

We look forward to assisting all our clients as they consider how their projects can progress in a "COVID-normal" environment.

Andrew Norbury




Embarking on the implementation of (or adherence to) a Quality Management System (QMS) is a significant investment for any organisation. By its very nature, a QMS that complies with the requirements of an International Standard (ISO9001:2015) requires all employees of that organisation to adhere to certain policies, processes and structures.

METIER3 has long held an externally audited ISO certification for our QMS. We believe it adds value to our work product by requiring a set of outcomes to be adhered to and/or achieved which should reduce errors, promote consistency of quality, and enable continual improvement. All attributes that our clients should look for in their architectural consultant!

Congratulations again to Quality Manager Jeff C who successfully navigated our recent re-certification audit (November 2022), which continues the evolution of our use of ClickUp process management software as an integral part of our QMS.