METIER3 was established by Andrew Norbury in 1985. Operating from a modern studio in East Melbourne the firm offers our clients high quality, commercially focussed design solutions.

Our clients primarily cover the commercial, educational and institutional sectors. Our competitive difference arises from a deep understanding of essential client outcomes, and the ability to meet or exceed individual client aspirations and deliver commercially compelling design solutions. The advice we provide extends beyond straight architecture and interior design to include:

  • test-fit envelopes provided very quickly to enable informed development decisions that optimise potential of a site;
  • development management services including structuring a transaction for debt funding, and provision of feasibility modelling;
  • assistance in sales or leasing campaigns;
  • advice on modern workplace design.

All design work is undertaken within the East Melbourne studio.

METIER3 holds an externally audited ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System accreditation, having first developed an externally accredited QMS in 2002.

In late 2021, our new QMS system was re-certified . A feature of our system is the integration of the software used within our practice – Harvest, Forecast, ClickUp and O365.





Over 35 years, METIER3 has developed an enviable reputation for high quality design, reliable advice, and a client-focussed commercial approach to our work. Under-pinning these attributes are the values we strive to deliver:

METIER3 has been the recipient of over 20 architectural awards.

Our award-winning architecture covers commercial architecture from small to large scale, environmental sustainability, and alpine residential architecture.

METIER3 is looking for motivated, articulate and passionate architectural professionals to work in our CBD office. In all cases, we are seeking candidates who have BIM skills, and particularly in Revit. Strong/advanced level Revit skills are a pre-requisite to working with us. We require all candidates to undergo an online Revit assessment (allow 60-90 minutes) as part of the interview process, and prior to any offer of employment being made.

Please check this page regularly for current vacancies, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn for details on any vacancies as they arise.


  1. Unsolicited applications are discouraged.
  2. In all instances, applicants must be able to demonstrate that they hold Australian permanent residency and have eligibility for full time employment.
  3. Unless specifically noted, we do not offer visa sponsorship to candidates/employees. 
  4. As we receive a large number of applications, we only respond to applicants we seek to progress to interview, however all applications received are reviewed. There is no need to re-submit if you don't hear from us.


2021/22 Graduate recruitment

METIER3 is currently recruiting recently graduated architects (B.Arch or M.Arch required) who will be appointed to the permanent staff within 6 months of commencing their employment if they can demonstrate that their technical skills and interpersonal capabilities align with METIER3's objectives.

Graduates are invited to apply by email to m3employment2022 AT metier3 DOT com DOT au

Your application should include the following components:

  1. Your CV including confirmation of your entitlement to be employed in Australia. We will not offer employment/visa sponsorship to any candidate.
  2. Confirmation that you graduated from a recognised Australian Architectural faculty in 2019, 2020, or 2021.
  3. A cover letter detailing why you aspire to work at METIER3. You are encouraged to be creative in your application – show us “who you really are”.
  4. A short essay (no more than 500 words) on one of the following three topics:
    1. Who are your architectural “heroes” and why they are inspirational to you, or
    2. Summarising your final year major project, or
    3. your critique of a METIER3 building.   OR
  5. A link to a short video (no more than 90 seconds) where you can showcase / talk to any of the 3 areas above.
  6. Your preferred employment commencement date.

We will ONLY review candidates whose applications match the above criteria.

We will ONLY acknowledge your application if you meet the application criteria, and we believe you are suitable for interview on our short-list. 

Candidates who progress after initial screening of their application will be asked to attend an interview at our office. The interview will include an online practical assessment of your Revit competency. This assessment should take between 60 – 90 minutes to complete.

Candidates who impress us at interview and with their Revit skills can expect to be offered a role with immediate start (we will be flexible about start dates but we do require you to be able to start in early  2022 at the latest).

We look forward to hearing from you.